Some very nice news from the folks at January Magazine:  Thick As Thieves made their Best Crime Fiction of 2011 list!  Many thanks, January.

Five or so years ago, my good friend Jim Fusilli and I each decided to put aside our successful private investigator series to write stand-alone novels.  In July, Knopf published my Thick as Thieves, a novel that grew from my long-standing love of caper flicks, my fascination with the issue of honor among thieves, and my […]

If you’re near a radio in the NYC area – or near your computer anywhere – around 1PM (eastern) today (8/25), tune in to The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC-FM.  I’ll be on, talking (coherently, I hope) about Thick As Thieves.

…and so I’m hugely excited about this upcoming film.  I love all his stuff, but Tinker, Tailor is probably my favorite (and I know I’m not alone in this).  16 Sept 2011 — mark the date!

I stopped by the Knopf offices last week, and–surprise–wound up in front of a video camera.  Here I am talking about THICK AS THIEVES, and about some of the research I did for it.

Back from D.C., which was hot (triple digits—ugh!), dispiriting (the debt ceiling “debate”), inspiring (The Smithsonian, the monuments—especially the Jefferson, FDR, and Lincoln), and awesome (Man-U v Barca – even if the final score left something to be desired).   And by the way…some more great early reviews of Thick As Thieves, in the Columbus […]

Check out the trailer for Thick As Thieves.  The book drops tomorrow (26 July)!

A very nice early review of THICK AS THIEVES in BookPages!

I’m catching up on all the stuff I missed while I was away, including some early reviews of THICK AS THIEVES.  I was glad to see Booklist’s starred review (“Ever read a thriller so nicely written you flip back a few pages to re-experience an especially well-turned bit of prose? Spiegelman’s caper novel is like […]

I was in London for a couple of weeks and had a very fine time.  One of the high points was a get together that Quercus, my publisher in the UK, arranged with several crime fiction reviewers, including many of the charming folks at Shots Magazine (many of whom, I was pleased to learn, will […]

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