Five or so years ago, my good friend Jim Fusilli and I each decided to put aside our successful private investigator series to write stand-alone novels.  In July, Knopf published my Thick as Thieves, a novel that grew from my long-standing love of caper flicks, my fascination with the issue of honor among thieves, and my two-plus decades working in banking and software.  In November, Amazon published Jim’s Narrows Gate, a sprawling gangster epic set in the years surrounding World War II.  Rising from a fictionalized version of Hoboken, Jim’s hometown, it features among its characters an iconic blue-eyed crooner.  Thick as Thieves moves throughout contemporary Latin America, south Florida and the Caribbean, while Narrows Gate revisits Hollywood, Havana, Miami and Las Vegas in the 1940s.

On Tuesday, December 13, at 7 p.m. at Partners & Crime, (44 Greenwich Avenue, NYC) Jim and I will discuss our novels, the decisions we took prior to writing them, and our views of the changing world of publishing and the challenges authors face in the new environment.  Please join us!