Some very nice news from the folks at January Magazine:  Thick As Thieves made their Best Crime Fiction of 2011 list!  Many thanks, January.

Five or so years ago, my good friend Jim Fusilli and I each decided to put aside our successful private investigator series to write stand-alone novels.  In July, Knopf published my Thick as Thieves, a novel that grew from my long-standing love of caper flicks, my fascination with the issue of honor among thieves, and my two-plus decades working in banking and software.  In November, Amazon published Jim’s Narrows Gate, a sprawling gangster epic set in the years surrounding World War II.  Rising from a fictionalized version of Hoboken, Jim’s hometown, it features among its characters an iconic blue-eyed crooner.  Thick as Thieves moves throughout contemporary Latin America, south Florida and the Caribbean, while Narrows Gate revisits Hollywood, Havana, Miami and Las Vegas in the 1940s.

On Tuesday, December 13, at 7 p.m. at Partners & Crime, (44 Greenwich Avenue, NYC) Jim and I will discuss our novels, the decisions we took prior to writing them, and our views of the changing world of publishing and the challenges authors face in the new environment.  Please join us!

A very nice surprise (and many thanks to Sara Henry for pointing it out): Thick As Thieves was included on the Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction of 2011 list!

I was in NYC last weekend for three days of pop culture madness at New York Comic Con.  Though I’m a longtime comic fan, it was my first time at one of these extravaganzas, and it was a blast.  The costumes were a hoot, the show floor was overwhelming, and it was a thrill to see some of the faces behind the names.  I managed to maintain a little dignity, and did not lapse into total fanboy mode, though it was an effort.

Lots of high points there, including catching up with Jim Fusilli (watch for his novel, Narrows Gate, coming in Nov. from Amazon Encore) and David Liss (author of The Twelfth Enchantment, and the Mystery Men and Black Panther comics).  I also caught a glimpse of the great NY Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, at work in front of the Javits Center.  Maybe spandex is the new black.

The best part by far, though, was seeing the unalloyed awe on the face of my youngest (who is quite a comic fan in his own right) as he took it all in.  Comic Con 2012 is on our radar.

Check out this video, shot by some friends from Knopf when I passed by their booth.

If you’re near a radio in the NYC area – or near your computer anywhere – around 1PM (eastern) today (8/25), tune in to The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC-FM.  I’ll be on, talking (coherently, I hope) about Thick As Thieves.

Many thanks to the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association

Thick as Thieves

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for recommending Thick As Thieves as a killer read.  Check out the nice review here.  Great way to wrap up the week!

…and so I’m hugely excited about this upcoming film.  I love all his stuff, but Tinker, Tailor is probably my favorite (and I know I’m not alone in this).  16 Sept 2011 — mark the date!

I stopped by the Knopf offices last week, and–surprise–wound up in front of a video camera.  Here I am talking about THICK AS THIEVES, and about some of the research I did for it.

Tune in to NPR’s Weekend Edition this Saturday (Aug 6), and listen to host Scott Simon and me discuss THICK AS THIEVES.  The interview should air about 45 minutes in.  It was a real pleasure chatting with Scott.

Back from D.C., which was hot (triple digits—ugh!), dispiriting (the debt ceiling “debate”), inspiring (The Smithsonian, the monuments—especially the Jefferson, FDR, and Lincoln), and awesome (Man-U v Barca – even if the final score left something to be desired).


And by the way…some more great early reviews of Thick As Thieves, in the Columbus Dispatch and the NY Journal of Books.

Thick as Thieves

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