Reviews of Dr. Knox

Thick as Thieves

Dr. Knox portrays an all-new Los Angeles, rendered in a wild, all-new style. It’s a crackerjack crime novel; everything pop-pop-pops and lures you deeper and deeper into Peter Spiegelman’s luminous vision. It’s a thrilling book.”

— James Ellroy, author of Perfidia

“Peter Spiegelman’s Dr. Knox is a bruised wonder of a crime novel. Filled with page-turning intrigue and an L.A. atmosphere so richly rendered you can practically smell the ‘eucalyptus and dust,’ it is both thrilling and rueful, harrowing and moving. Don’t miss it.”

— Megan Abbott, author of The Fever and You Will Know Me

DrKnox is a stark, beautifully written revelation. As Ellroy did before him, Spiegelman turns a new page on L.A. neo-noir, and on the contradictions of that city: its glamour and gore, its wealthy and weak, its merciful and mercenary. Part Robin Hood, part Batman, Knox and Sutter are edgy urban knights for a dark, new age.

— Reed Farrel Coleman, author of Robert B. Parker’s The Devil Wins

“Spiegelman twists his way through the plot like a punt returner weaving through traffic, but, beyond that, his ability to burst his characters into throbbing life in a few short paragraphs—combined with a prose style capable of snapping our heads with a staccato succession of perfectly landed prose jabs—will leave readers rubbing their jaws in wonderment. Please, Dr. Knox, make more house calls soon.”

— Booklist (starred review)

“[An] intrigue-filled thriller from Shamus Award–winner Spiegelman.… Spiegelman expertly doles out the suspense, while leaving his protagonist with some difficult moral choices….”

— Publishers Weekly

“The characterisation is delicious, confrontations continuous, thrills on every page. The villains are horrid, the goodies ambivalent, and the abused come up fighting. A simple but glorious roller-coaster read.”

Shots eZine

“Mr. Spiegelman has created a unique Southern California narrator-protagonist whose emergency-room crises are as exciting as car chases, whose martial arts skills are medically informed,… and whose impulse after disabling a villain is to heal him.”

— The Wall Street Journal

“The prose in Dr. Knox is very vivid and powerful.… Dr. Knox [is] a high-octane, beautifully-written novel exploring the dichotomies of wealth and poverty, hope and despair, and exposing both the beauty and ugly underbelly of Los Angeles.”

— Mark Rubinstein (author of The Lovers’ Tango), The Huffington Post