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Wall Street Noir - Peter Spiegelman

Wall Street Noir

Wall Street Noir

“Spiegelman, the ideal editor for the Wall Street entry in Akashic’s noir anthology series, assembles a stellar cast of 17 crime genre luminaries…”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

From a distance, on cable TV or in the pages of the business section, Wall Street looks like such a clean, well-lighted place, a place where investment decisions are guided by formulas, subtle strategy, and dispassionate consideration of all the available facts, a place where cool reason prevails, and profits are reaped by the smartest, the most nimble, and the boldest—the perfect meritocracy. Wall Street Noir is about an altogether different district—the street beneath that glossy surface, where fear and greed hold sway, and crime is a tradition older even than the opening bell or the five-figure lap-dance tab.

Editor / contributor Peter Spiegelman and the collection’s other authors cast a stark light on this other Street in seventeen dark (sometimes darkly funny) tales of hungry egos, cutthroat competition, cultural clashes, sweaty paranoia, not-so-innocent bystanders, and desperate deals with a wide variety of devils. And they illuminate a neighborhood whose boundaries have spread well beyond Trinity Church and the East River, to Midtown Manhattan, Main Street, USA, the maquilas of Honduras, the office towers of Shanghai, and the brothels of Bangkok. It’s a shadowy locale, as the stories in this exciting collection reveal, and one that’s far more Jim Thompson than Warren Buffet.

Wall Street Noir, from Akashic Books’ acclaimed series of crime fiction anthologies, serves up seventeen original stories by industry veterans and acute outsiders, including: John Burdett, Peter Blauner, Richard Aleas, Henry Blodget, Twist Phelan, Larry Light, Megan Abbott, Jason Starr, Lauren Saunders, Tim Broderick, Reed Farrel Coleman, Jim Fusilli, Mark Haskell Smith, and more.