I was in NYC last weekend for three days of pop culture madness at New York Comic Con.  Though I’m a longtime comic fan, it was my first time at one of these extravaganzas, and it was a blast.  The costumes were a hoot, the show floor was overwhelming, and it was a thrill to see some of the faces behind the names.  I managed to maintain a little dignity, and did not lapse into total fanboy mode, though it was an effort.

Lots of high points there, including catching up with Jim Fusilli (watch for his novel, Narrows Gate, coming in Nov. from Amazon Encore) and David Liss (author of The Twelfth Enchantment, and the Mystery Men and Black Panther comics).  I also caught a glimpse of the great NY Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham, at work in front of the Javits Center.  Maybe spandex is the new black.

The best part by far, though, was seeing the unalloyed awe on the face of my youngest (who is quite a comic fan in his own right) as he took it all in.  Comic Con 2012 is on our radar.

Check out this video, shot by some friends from Knopf when I passed by their booth.