Death’s Little Helpers

Death’s Little Helpers

Private investigator John March finds himself drawn into a web of corruption that extends from the halls of high finance to the dark underworld of organized crime

Gregory Danes, a Wall Street analyst has gone missing, and his ex-wife, a fashionable painter, calls March to track him down. She just wants him to sign her  alimony checks, but as March soon discovers, she’s not the only one looking for him. Danes was once an industry hot shot, but has  lost his touch. His biggest gains lately, it seems, had been in enemies–including a few members of the Russian mob. When March receives a threat upon his own family, he realizes Danes had been involved in something far more dangerous than insider trading.

In the UK market, DEATH'S LITTLE HELPERS was initially published as FALSE DAWN and later as NO WAY HOME

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About the Book
Mordant, action-packed [and] knowledge-filled. . . . Breaks new ground in detective fiction. . . . A bang-up novel.
– The Washington Post
[An] elegantly written thriller. . . . A stylish take on the perennial private-eye tale.
– The Wall Street Journal
[I]t’s to Spiegelman’s credit that the Wall Street veteran’s second March novel is a solidly crafted missing-persons mystery that doesn’t bog down in spreadsheets. Happily, March’s hunt for a telegenic stock analyst who has left behind an angry ex-wife and the Russian mob is more Without a Trace than CNBC.
– Entertainment Weekly
Once again, Spiegelman’s slick style and impressive use of his inside knowledge provide a thriller that easily puts him in the running as a worthy rival to Grisham’s crown.
– Crime Time Magazine (UK)
[Black Maps] was a tough act to follow, and Spiegelman has done it with stunning skill. [He] has the heart, head and writing skills to make his setting explode with rare light and excitement.
– Chicago Tribune
March sits squarely within the classic hard-boiled tradition… …plenty of artful twists and turns.
– Newsday
…(an) intricate, intelligent second thriller…extremely compelling.
– Publishers Weekly (starred review)
March (is) a complex and tortured soul with a mouth as quick as his fists. Spiegelman, a fan of classic American mystery fiction, believes that the detective is the central mystery. He succeeds admirably in carrying on that tradition. Highly recommended for all mystery collections.
– Library Journal (starred review)
…a worthy sequel to his impressive debut…a serious talent
– Kirkus Reviews
Spiegelman once more delivers a taut, stylish adventure.
– Justice Magazine
A thrilling read with lots of heart.
– The Observer (UK)
Peter Spiegelman continues to show a sure touch in his second novel… March is an engaging personality and his determination to uncover the truth makes another entertaining thriller.
– The Telegraph (UK)
Death’s Little Helpers is a multi-layered novel of compassion and power. Crackling dialogue, a plot that just won’t quit, and a melancholy that is pure noir and downright Irish. I loved Black Maps, but this book is a huge leap forward—blistering, driven narrative from a writer at the very top of his game. This is going to be one of the great series.
– Ken Bruen
This is a classic private-eye novel, a head-clearing treat that reminds a reader of everything that a good PI novel can do. But Peter Spiegelman’s John March is also his own man and his take on New York is decidedly, refreshingly modern. Follow the money, as the old saying goes. And follow March. You won’t be disappointed.
– Laura Lippman
With Death’s Little Helpers, Peter Spiegelman cements his growing reputation as one of the finest of the new generation reworking the PI genre. Spiegelman is that rare novelist who knows what he wants to say, and he knows how to say it, which makes for a absorbing, suspenseful and thoughtful book.
– David Liss
Peter Spiegelman has an equal intimacy with the workings of an investment bank and those of the human heart, and he can paint them with equally nuanced colors. A fine book by a fine writer.
– S.J. Rozan
A fine story told well [that ends] with a satisfying bang. March is a man to watch.
– Daily News
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Series: John March, Book 2
Publisher: Knopf
Publication Year: 2005
ISBN: 9781400040797