Thick as Thieves

Thick as Thieves

A thriller that takes us inside a hair-raising heist, where paranoia hangs as heavy as the tropical heat, and the only law is Murphy’s.

Carr—ex-CIA—is the reluctant leader of an elite crew planning a robbery of such extraordinary proportions that it will leave them all set for life. Diamonds, money-laundering, and extortion go into a timed-to-the-minute scheme that unfurls across South America, Miami, and Grand Cayman Island. Carr’s cohorts are seasoned pros, but they’re wound drum-tight: months before, the man who brought them together was killed in what Carr suspects was a setup. And there are other loose ends. Some of the intel they’re paying for is badly inaccurate, and one of the gang—lately, Carr’s lover—may have an agenda of her own. Carr finds himself “working the paranoid calculus . . . mapping the shifting landscape of who-owes-who and who-owns-who, of loyalty, grudge, and pressure”—but his biggest problems are yet to come: few of his crew are what they seem to be, and even his own past will turn out to be built on a lie.

Terrifically suspenseful and psychologically complex, Thick as Thieves is a rare, penetrating look into the sophisticated machinations of an unparalleled crime.

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Thick as Thieves is an ingeniously crafted and beautifully paced thriller that carries the reader along on a tsunami of adrenaline.
– The Independent (Dublin)
Thick as Thieves is a wonderfully involving thriller with an unexpected psychological depth not often found in such stories.
– Bookgasm
A fully-realized noir caper full to the brim with tightly coiled tension and suspense…Thick as Thieves is as smart a book as you are likely to read this year. Fans of strong writing, razor-sharp plotting and unforgettable characters will find much to love.
– Bookreporter
A complex, satisfying tale…sharp prose and deft plotting elevate this Ocean’s Eleven-style caper story.
– Entertainment Weekly
… a great read … a quickly paced thriller with elegant writing and fully drawn characters.
– New York Journal of Books
One hell of a heist…Thick as Thieves is a superbly crafted tale, pulsing with tension, twisty as a corkscrew and positively demanding to be read in one sitting.
– BookPage
Fast-paced from the first escapade until the final confrontation.
– The Mystery Gazette
Peter Spiegelman’s Thick as Thieves is vivid and intense story telling at its best! Crackling dialogue, double-crossing characters, and terrific plot twists make Thieves a winner. Who are the bad guys in this spell-binding tale of lies, big bucks, computer crime, and murder? Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! What an ending! Wow!
– Edna Buchanan
Superlative prose lifts this gritty stand-alone from Shamus Award–winner Spiegelman…intricate and plausible.
– Publishers Weekly
Riveting. . . . There’s no dearth of heart-pounding, pulse-racing, stomach-dropping moments. . . . [An] intelligently structured thriller.”
– The Wall Street Journal
Slick, sophisticated, and satisfying. . . . This is thriller fiction at its best.
– Lee Child
Spiegelman’s ability to find glimmers of morality in a story populated by rogues, thieves and worse people that makes Thick as Thieves an enjoyable visit to a dark world.
– Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
A pure delight. . . . Heists, money-laundering, and smart plotting in a novel that's reminiscent of Elmore Leonard’s best work.
– Jeffery Deaver
Spiegelman, who has written three thrillers since leaving Wall Street nine years ago, is being acclaimed for bringing some of the hands-on expertise and literary grace that John LeCarre brought to espionage novels to stories of capers, heists and double crosses.
– Weekend Edition, NPR
Thick as Thieves takes the suspense of a typical heist caper and ratchets it up several notches. . . . An elegant feat of fictional engineering.
– The Columbus Dispatch
A thriller so nicely written you flip back a few pages to re-experience an especially well-turned bit of prose.
– Booklist (starred review)
Thick as Thieves is anything but ‘thick’--its sleek and subtle, with Spiegelman’s rare eye for the telling detail. Thrilling in both tone and substance, these thieves will steal you away from whatever else you were doing, and leave you glad they did.
– Don Winslow
What really sets this apart is the quality of Spiegelman’s writing. . . . It’s not every day genre prose gets that kind of polish.
– Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
Thick as Thieves is part magic, part alchemy and utterly entertaining. It is what all thrillers should aspire to be, and Spiegelman is that rare writer with both the heart and talent to pull off such an ambitious undertaking.
– Reed Farrel Coleman
Thick as Thieves showcases the further development of Peter Spiegelman, one of our best writers of suspense and intrigue. His characters are forceful, smart, and his prose is supple, precise, and often poetic. Spiegelman gives us a deep inside look at scams and scammers of various sorts, and puts a big whirling plot into motion that ultimately delivers every satisfaction it promises at the start.
– Daniel Woodrell
Publisher: Knopf
Publication Year: 2011
ISBN: 9781400097050